Review of Pot Noodle, Beer And Shower Shockers! A Mum’s Countdown To University

I am absolutely delighted to review Pot Noodle, Beer And Shower Shockers! A Mum’s Countdown To University.

When our young adults are about to leave for university, the focus is (quite rightly) on them. Will they have all the right gear? Will they get homesick? Do they know how to cook a decent meal?

The internet is packed with guidance, check-lists and articles giving advice on everything from meeting new friends to organising assignments. So, what about us? What about the Mums that are soldiering away in the background trying to pull all this together with a heavy heart and a lump in our throats? I have read and written about the heart-breaking side of watching your young adult pack up and leave for university and I’ve read and written about the funny side as well. However, I have discovered an absolute gem of a book that I must share with you. It should be put on the ‘Required Reading’ list for every Mum preparing to send their son or daughter off to university or who has already done just that.

Why you need to read Pot Noodle, Beer And Shower Shockers! A Mum’s Countdown To University

Pot Noodle, Beer And Shower Shockers!: A Mum’s Countdown To University is written by Sue Harding and is an achingly familiar account of the weeks leading up to her son leaving for university. Written in the style of a diary, we follow her emotional journey from the moment that she finds out that he has been awarded a place to the day when she leaves him at halls of residence.

It’s sad, it’s funny, it’s heart-warming and it’s very keenly observed. It’s an experience that so many of us (including myself) can relate to but could not describe as well as she does! I grinned through most of it and cried through the rest!
Sue’s book is a little longer than a traditional short story but you can easily read it all in one go whilst enjoying a coffee or something a little stronger! At 99p for the Kindle edition is will cost you less than a Cappuccino and a a lot less than a glass of Pinot!

Get your copy here!

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