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Essential information for teens and parents about getting a safe piercing

Getting safe piercings for teens is essential if they are to avoid health issues associated with this common body adornment. As parents, many of us will bear the responsibility of allowing our children to have a piercing. We will choose the venue where it will be completed and sign the consent form. Then we will supervise the after-care and seek medical… Read more →

Advent calendar ideas for teens

Top 5 awesome advent calendar ideas for teens

This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy a product I get a small amount of money towards the costs of running my website at no extra cost to you.  Why is a Mum of older children writing about advent calendar ideas for teens? Well, for those of you with children under 10 years of age, I have… Read more →

7 secondary school essentials every kid needs

The transition to high school can be a stressful time for both pupils and parents but it can be eased with a few secondary school essentials. The move involves a whole new routine, a new uniform and a lot of extra ‘stuff’. I’ve been through this three times now and have finally got my head around which items are actually… Read more →

High school transition days: the good, the bad and the ugly!

The high school transition days are pretty much all over now so it’s time for me to share some thoughts on the whole process. We do our best to prepare our kids for these days and there’s a few common experiences that they all share. Here’s my somewhat tongue in cheek summary of what all 11-year-olds should know! Read more →

Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival – Vicar of Dibley

What a lovely show this is! I have been a fan of the Vicar of Dibley for many years and so I was really looking forward to seeing how the stage play, directed by Richard Nichols, would work. It twinkled like the lights on Alice’s wedding dress! This is a feel-good show delivered with a lot of heart by some… Read more →

Spot the Year 6 leavers!

Over the next few weeks, Year 6 leavers all over country are going to have a look around their new high schools and will be finding out what they will be studying next year. Most of them will be approaching the experience with a unique combination of terror and excitement. Their parents, meanwhile, are misty eyed and reflective. It’s interesting… Read more →


Is it time for you to have the #TeenTalk with your big kids? Find out in our #ad post!

The #TeenTalk was probably something that you chuckled about when your kids were small. You had this luxury because it was so far in the future and you had plenty of other things to worry about. However, before you know it, you have a pre-pubescent big kid living in your home. The #TeenTalk is no longer a random future concept.… Read more →