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Essential information for teens and parents about getting a safe piercing

Getting safe piercings for teens is essential if they are to avoid health issues associated with this common body adornment. As parents, many of us will bear the responsibility of allowing our children to have a piercing. We will choose the venue where it will be completed and sign the consent form. Then we will supervise the after-care and seek medical… Read more →

What parents need to know about the new intimate body piercing law in Wales

The law on intimate body piercing in Wales changed on February 1st 2018. As a result, it is now illegal to perform an intimate piercing on anyone who is under the age of 18 years in Wales. Wales is the first country to introduce this law with the aim of protecting the health and safety of young people and to to… Read more →

Advent calendar ideas for teens

Top 5 awesome advent calendar ideas for teens

This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy a product I get a small amount of money towards the costs of running my website at no extra cost to you.  Why is a Mum of older children writing about advent calendar ideas for teens? Well, for those of you with children under 10 years of age, I have… Read more →

Teen house parties

Teen house parties – every parent’s nightmare or are they?

My feelings on this subject are as follows: the words ‘ teen house parties ’ should only ever be found in sentences that also contain the words ‘over my dead body’. I don’t like what I’ve read about them, I don’t like what I’ve heard about them and I just don’t like the concept at all. So how did I… Read more →

University essentials

University essentials – what every new student needs to know!

Amongst the emotional turmoil and excitement of your young adult preparing to leave for university, you will also be collecting a lot of ‘stuff’. In a spare room or corner of your house you will start to see a growing pile of bedding, kitchen supplies, lighting and electrical gadgets. In my experience, you will fall over and kick this several… Read more →

Fashion Apps for Reselling Your Teens Discarded Clothes

Hey, look at me writing a post about fashion. Now that’s something you don’t see very often. As someone who has, at most, a passing interest in clothes, and who has stocked a lot of her wardrobe from local charity shops, having three teen and tween daughters has come as a bit of a shock. Read more →


A word (or two) on the #GE2017

I have avoided political discussion on my blog up until now, despite my blogging career coinciding with an extraordinary period for UK and worldwide politics. Since I started my blog in May 2016, we have seen the European referendum, the US Presidential elections, the Presidential elections in France and local elections here in Wales. However, I felt that the recent… Read more →

Revision essentials

Our review of thinkkit – revision essentials

Never mind about mid-election fatigue, we are suffering from mid-revision fatigue in my house. Any initial enthusiasm for the process (and there wasn’t much) has been used up, worn out and thrown away. So, where do we go from here? We are still only a quarter of the way through the process so it’s time to ring the changes and… Read more →