All about me…

Hi ladies of midlife and thanks for calling in!

I am (in no particular order) a wife, a mother of three fabulous daughters (19,16 and 12 years), an academic with a PhD in epidemiology and a writer. 

I created my blog out a perfect storm of unpleasantness during the early stages of 2016; pre-menopausal hormones, the not too distant prospect of empty-nest syndrome, a health scare and an especially nasty bout of flu left me feeling a little lost. It is my way of creating something positive from a potentially negative set of circumstances. I am no expert but as I find out what works for me I will share my experiences – I hope you find some of them helpful.

If your kids (or at least some of them) are now taller, stronger and quicker at just about everything than you are – this is for you! If you are still immersed in early parenthood you may want to have a peak at how I’m coping (or not coping) with what comes next. That is if you have the time!

Join me in a gentle amble into midlife and the next stage of being a mum. 

Finding meWhat happens after the playground?

Let’s find out shall we?



Sharon XX








All about After the Playground…

After the playground is a blog for mothers of older children/teens/young adults who are defining the next stage of motherhood and of their own lives. You will find my thoughts and useful information about family life, health (physical and emotional), fashion and beauty as they relate to ladies with children in high school and beyond. It’s somewhere that we can gather and chat now that we no longer linger in the playground after drop off! Here are the main categories:

Parenting: Transition to High School

This is a challenging time for parents. You are trying to support your child with their anxieties, excitement and preparations whilst dealing with your own emotions at the end of the primary school years. We all know how much children change when they enter high school but may not want to think about it! This category has practical suggestions and is packed with resources and products that can help parents and children.

Parenting High School Students

Examines some of the issues surrounding life with teens. The funny, the serious and the bizarre. I have a focus on education and teen health but you will find resources relating to everything from social media to tattoos! This category can sign post you to organisations that can support you with some of the more serious teen health issues.

Parenting Sixth Form Students

This is such an important time in high school that I decided to give it a category of its own. Year 12 and 13 are hugely formative years when our teens mature into young adults and, in some cases, fly the nest. In terms of education, this is often all about university applications. In this category you can find loads of help and support with that all important UCAS application and preparing to leave for university. Some of my blogs have been featured on the UCAS website.


Parenting University Students

As a Mum of a university student I know that out of sight does NOT mean out of mind. Our role as a parent drastically changes when our children move out but we are still very much needed on occasions. This category is all about providing accurate and useful information to parents and students. The emphasis is on down to earth, practical advice and lists of resources.

Making the most of Midlife

So, they have left for university or moved away to get a job. Now what? Whilst some Mums have no problem making the transition others feel a very real and profound sense of loss. Having dedicated many years, and most of their emotions, to raising a family, some ladies feel very disoriented when one or all of their children are no longer around. In this category I want to build up a tool kit of help and support for ladies who are adjusting to this new stage in their lives. In the near future I will be offering an email course that ladies can use to help them define this next stage of being a Mum.

This is the blog that tells you why that was definitely not it.

There’s plenty more to come and I’m so delighted that you have joined us.


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