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Posting photos of kids in instagram

Posting photos of kids on Instagram – 10 tricks that work for me

I have written before about the ways in which blogging about your teen and tween children differs from blogging about your pregnancy, babies and toddlers. I understand the dilemma that parents with young children face about using their images on-line. I do not want to enter the debate because I am so old and generally naïve when it comes to… Read more →

Plant gift ideas

Plant gift ideas for teens – Venus Fly Trap

Let’s face facts, house plants are not high on the list of gifts for teens. They are just not ‘exciting’ enough. However, there is one little plant that has taken pride of place on our kitchen window sill for around 9 months and that my teens are more than a little interested in. It is a Venus Fly Trap. So,… Read more →

Little girls surfing

The last day of summer – Rest Bay surfing

We spent the last day of the school holidays on the beach at Rest Bay surfing. This was markedly different from my first ever ‘back to school day’ when I was much more prepared and a little more uptight! I described how I have changed over 14 years of having kids in primary school in my recent blog post. Now that… Read more →

Welsh cakes on Penarth pier – timeless pleasures

I love piers. Perhaps it is the combination of two of my fascinations, the sea and the Victorians, that attracts me. They seem to be a throw back from a by-gone age. We are very fortunate in South Wales to have such a wonderful example. In common with so many piers, it has had a chequered past. Penarth pier was… Read more →