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iphone charge case

Phinexi iphone charger case – a review

I was totally delighted when I was sent a Phinexi iphone charger case to review. This is because we have issues with phone chargers in our house! There are two adults and three tweens/teens all with Apple devices which should, in theory, all have their own charging cable. The reality of the situation is very different. Read more →

Young entrepreneurs

5 reasons why your teen should be one of the young entrepreneurs

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, devised a computer messaging programme for his father’s dental practice when he was 12 years old. A 17 year old Richard Branson started a highly successful youth-culture magazine. Spotted the pattern among these young entrepreneurs? The teen years, so often dreaded and drenched in negativity, can be the launch pad for hugely successful enterprises.… Read more →

Teens Tweens and Beyond

Launching the new Tweens, Teens and Beyond Linky

I am so happy to be joining with the amazing Nicky at Not Just the 3 of Us and Jo at Mother of Teenagers to launch a brand new linky all about Tweens, Teens & Beyond. I am a Mum of three tweens/teens myself and I love reading other bloggers’ experiences, opinions and thoughts about this fascinating stage of parenting. Read more →

Becoming a childminder book cover

Becoming a childminder – what you need to know giveaway

Have you thought of becoming a childminder? When you work and you have a child you are faced with some tricky decisions. Do you return to your previous job after you have had the baby? Do you remain working the same hours or reduce them? Do you have a partner who can reduce their hours? How will your finances be… Read more →

Making money as a teenager

Making money as a teenager – five steps you should follow

Do you give your teens pocket money? It seems that most parents do; in fact, a recent survey found that 4 out of 5 parents gave their teen regular pocket money. Others use an informal system of assessing expenditure on a case by case basis. Many teens like the idea of making money for themselves but making money as a teenager… Read more →

School breakfast clubs

5 reasons to use school breakfast clubs

Before I had kids, breakfast was a meal that I generally enjoyed alone, in a semi-conscious state, before I headed out to work. As a parent of three young kids it evolved into a totally chaotic affair, with a lot of food on the floor and a fair amount of shouting. With older children and teens, breakfast has changed yet… Read more →

Student gift ideas

UniBox review – gift ideas for students without the hassle

Are you stuck for gift ideas for students? Do you still want to treat your young adult and make them smile even though they are living away from home? A lovely new company has come up with an amazing idea. There’s nothing new about sending food parcels and little treats to students living away from home but UniBox does it… Read more →