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Spot the Year 6 leavers!

Over the next few weeks, Year 6 leavers all over country are going to have a look around their new high schools and will be finding out what they will be studying next year. Most of them will be approaching the experience with a unique combination of terror and excitement. Their parents, meanwhile, are misty eyed and reflective. It’s interesting… Read more →


A word (or two) on the #GE2017

I have avoided political discussion on my blog up until now, despite my blogging career coinciding with an extraordinary period for UK and worldwide politics. Since I started my blog in May 2016, we have seen the European referendum, the US Presidential elections, the Presidential elections in France and local elections here in Wales. However, I felt that the recent… Read more →


Is it time for you to have the #TeenTalk with your big kids? Find out in our #ad post!

The #TeenTalk was probably something that you chuckled about when your kids were small. You had this luxury because it was so far in the future and you had plenty of other things to worry about. However, before you know it, you have a pre-pubescent big kid living in your home. The #TeenTalk is no longer a random future concept.… Read more →

Revision essentials

Our review of thinkkit – revision essentials

Never mind about mid-election fatigue, we are suffering from mid-revision fatigue in my house. Any initial enthusiasm for the process (and there wasn’t much) has been used up, worn out and thrown away. So, where do we go from here? We are still only a quarter of the way through the process so it’s time to ring the changes and… Read more →

National reading and numeracy tests – 5 things parents can do

The kids are back in school after what was (hopefully) a lovely Easter break in some pretty decent sunshine. Now attention turns to the national reading and numeracy tests which are due to start in a week or so. You don’t read quite as much about the Welsh tests as you do about the SATs that take place in England… Read more →

Pocket money

Pocket money dilemma for tweens and teens: could goHenry be the solution?

Our approach to pocket money has been haphazard to say the least. We had no fixed system and regularly lost track of what we had handed over. I have written before about the pressure on tweens and teens to spend money but wanted to explore what I could do to introduce a more structured approach. Read more →


7 things your teen needs to know about getting a tattoo

“Mum I’m thinking about having a tattoo!’    If you have teen kids, this is likely to be a statement that you will be faced with at some point. There are no accurate figures for exactly how many people in the UK have tattoos (it’s probably around 1 in 5 of the population) but commentators are unanimous on two things.… Read more →

Gifts for teen girls

Help with buying gifts for teen girls – Qwerkity review

I have been parenting teen and tween girls for seven years now and have three fabulous daughters so I should be a total expert in gifts for teen girls. Sadly, this is not the case and I get a sinking feeling as birthdays approach. Teens can be pretty good at telling you what they want but if you need some inspiration,… Read more →