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Midlife and menopause

All change here – midlife and menopause!

  This is the most important post on my blog, to date, because it gives my reasons for starting this big adventure called ‘After the Playground’. On my wonderful journey as a parent I have reached the point where the conductor is about to call “All change here” and I didn’t see it coming. I was actually enjoying this journey… Read more →

Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival – Vicar of Dibley

What a lovely show this is! I have been a fan of the Vicar of Dibley for many years and so I was really looking forward to seeing how the stage play, directed by Richard Nichols, would work. It twinkled like the lights on Alice’s wedding dress! This is a feel-good show delivered with a lot of heart by some… Read more →

Ovarian cancer awareness month

Ovarian cancer awareness month – Why I don’t need it but you do

The month of March 2017 is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month; a good time to confess that my relationship with ovarian cancer is dysfunctional. My relationship with all cancer is challenging (due to the untimely deaths of several very dear family members) but ovarian cancer is the demon that I should have dealt with years ago. Our first encounter was in… Read more →

Mascara 5 beauty tips

5 beauty tips for the woman who doesn’t do beauty – thanks to Dior

What happens when a blogger who knows very little about beauty attends a beauty bloggers event? Well, it could go either of two ways! This is how it went for me.     Why go at all? A very good question. The answer is a combination of curiosity and a desire to find out if I have been missing out… Read more →

Welsh cakes on Penarth pier – timeless pleasures

I love piers. Perhaps it is the combination of two of my fascinations, the sea and the Victorians, that attracts me. They seem to be a throw back from a by-gone age. We are very fortunate in South Wales to have such a wonderful example. In common with so many piers, it has had a chequered past. Penarth pier was… Read more →

Beets Blu scale

Why you need a Beets Blu Bluetooth Smart Scale (Review)

I was a little dubious about reviewing the Beets Blu Bluetooth Smart Scale because I am not watching my weight and I don’t want the three young ladies in my household to become obsessed with their weight either. However, there were a few features about this particular scale that intrigued me and I was more than a little impressed by… Read more →

Beets BLU Heart rate monitor – my review

I realised some time ago that exercise was one of the tools that I would use to get me through this challenging time in my life. I know that being generally fit and healthy is never a bad thing but as you approach your fifties it becomes even more important. I also know that endorphins are a great little chemical… Read more →