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Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival – Vicar of Dibley

What a lovely show this is! I have been a fan of the Vicar of Dibley for many years and so I was really looking forward to seeing how the stage play, directed by Richard Nichols, would work. It twinkled like the lights on Alice’s wedding dress! This is a feel-good show delivered with a lot of heart by some… Read more →

Sgwd yr Eira Waterfall

A trip to Sgwd yr Eira Waterfall, Brecon Beacons – why you should visit with your teens

Pushing forward with my quest to find days out and holidays that teens are prepared to share with their parents I have struck gold! My kids regard me as a fairly (boring) mature individual who has pretty much left her childhood fancies behind her. I have written before about my lack of spontaneity but the other weekend I was reminded… Read more →

Little girls surfing

The last day of summer – Rest Bay surfing

We spent the last day of the school holidays on the beach at Rest Bay surfing. This was markedly different from my first ever ‘back to school day’ when I was much more prepared and a little more uptight! I described how I have changed over 14 years of having kids in primary school in my recent blog post. Now that… Read more →

Welsh cakes on Penarth pier – timeless pleasures

I love piers. Perhaps it is the combination of two of my fascinations, the sea and the Victorians, that attracts me. They seem to be a throw back from a by-gone age. We are very fortunate in South Wales to have such a wonderful example. In common with so many piers, it has had a chequered past. Penarth pier was… Read more →

Eating out with teens

5 money saving tips for eating out with teens and tweens

I look back wistfully on the days when we could eat out as an entire family (2 adults and 3 kids) for under £50. It involved a lot of squeezing small children into high chairs (which was fine because it kept them in one place) and a lot of mess on the floor (also fine because I didn’t have to… Read more →

Top 10 parks in Cardiff when you are 10 #2: Howardian Local Nature Reserve

The second of our series of posts exploring the Top 10 parks in Cardiff for 10 year olds takes us to Howardian Local Nature Reserve. Getting there Driving to the area is an easy option. You can park in some spots on Hammond Way or on Ipswich Road. Several bus routes from the city centre stop on Colchester Avenue and… Read more →

Roath Park Conservatory

Top 10 Parks in Cardiff when you are 10 #1: Roath Park

Here is the first of a series of posts exploring the top 10 parks in Cardiff for 10 year olds and we kick things off with a visit to Roath Park. Getting there Driving to Roath is an easy option. You can park on the streets around the park although this can get difficult during peak times. You can also get… Read more →