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Becoming a childminder book cover

Becoming a childminder – what you need to know giveaway

Have you thought of becoming a childminder? When you work and you have a child you are faced with some tricky decisions. Do you return to your previous job after you have had the baby? Do you remain working the same hours or reduce them? Do you have a partner who can reduce their hours? How will your finances be… Read more →

Making money as a teenager

Making money as a teenager – five steps you should follow

Do you give your teens pocket money? It seems that most parents do; in fact, a recent survey found that 4 out of 5 parents gave their teen regular pocket money. Others use an informal system of assessing expenditure on a case by case basis. Many teens like the idea of making money for themselves but making money as a teenager… Read more →

Student gift ideas

UniBox review – gift ideas for students without the hassle

Are you stuck for gift ideas for students? Do you still want to treat your young adult and make them smile even though they are living away from home? A lovely new company has come up with an amazing idea. There’s nothing new about sending food parcels and little treats to students living away from home but UniBox does it… Read more →

Are your New Year’s resolutions broken already?

By now the established family tradition of breaking New Year’s resolutions should be well underway. Or should I say ‘revolutions’ as my youngest daughter used to call them. This may not be too wide of the mark as it may actually be easier to stir up a minor political uprising than to stick to an overly ambitious exercise routine. Especially… Read more →

Students are home for Christmas

When students are home for Christmas – how things have changed

This week we collected our eldest daughter from university halls of residence to bring her home for the Christmas break. I also stumbled across some on-line advice aimed at students travelling home to spend the festive period with their families. It recommended that they should get essays finished before they returned home (obviously my daughter hadn’t read this bit) and… Read more →

School nativity plays – 10 things I now know!

As I am past the stage of attending school nativity plays, it may be safe (just) for me to reflect on this hectic and stressful, yet utterly wonderful, event in the primary school calendar.  I’ve put together my top 10, very tongue in cheek, observations of the school nativity play. 10 things I now know about school nativity plays 1.       Be… Read more →

Mascara 5 beauty tips

5 beauty tips for the woman who doesn’t do beauty – thanks to Dior

What happens when a blogger who knows very little about beauty attends a beauty bloggers event? Well, it could go either of two ways! This is how it went for me.     Why go at all? A very good question. The answer is a combination of curiosity and a desire to find out if I have been missing out… Read more →