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Ovarian cancer awareness month

Ovarian cancer awareness month – Why I don’t need it but you do

The month of March 2017 is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month; a good time to confess that my relationship with ovarian cancer is dysfunctional. My relationship with all cancer is challenging (due to the untimely deaths of several very dear family members) but ovarian cancer is the demon that I should have dealt with years ago. Our first encounter was in… Read more →

Mascara 5 beauty tips

5 beauty tips for the woman who doesn’t do beauty – thanks to Dior

What happens when a blogger who knows very little about beauty attends a beauty bloggers event? Well, it could go either of two ways! This is how it went for me.     Why go at all? A very good question. The answer is a combination of curiosity and a desire to find out if I have been missing out… Read more →

BritMums Teens and Tweens Round-up November 2016

It was a pleasure to put together the BritMums Teens and Tweens Round-up for November and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the amazing, informative and moving posts that were submitted. Some of them tackled difficult subjects and that’s what made them so powerful. We face many challenges as parents of teens and no two families are the same. Now I… Read more →

My Autumn Wish List – it’s all about the taste!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post  – all words are my own.  I have never made any secret of the fact that I struggle with Autumn. Whilst others embrace the crisp days and red- brown leaves, I dread the long nights that leave me feeling unmotivated and edgy. I am determined that this will not happen this year. I’m putting… Read more →

BritMums Teens and Tweens Round-up October 2016

I was totally delighted to take over from Sarah at Mum of Three World as the new BritMums Teens and Tweens Round-up editor. Now I have the perfect excuse to read loads of funny, thought-provoking and informative posts about life with kids in Year 5/6 and beyond. Putting together my first round up was a bit of a scramble but I… Read more →

Beets Blu scale

Why you need a Beets Blu Bluetooth Smart Scale (Review)

I was a little dubious about reviewing the Beets Blu Bluetooth Smart Scale because I am not watching my weight and I don’t want the three young ladies in my household to become obsessed with their weight either. However, there were a few features about this particular scale that intrigued me and I was more than a little impressed by… Read more →

Ten things you shouldn’t do when your kid leaves for university

Adjusting to your off-spring fleeing the nest and moving into university halls of residence is tough. Any parent that tells you that they have NEVER thought of doing ANY of the following is either lying or hiding the fact that they have actually done several!     Ten things you shouldn’t do when your kid leaves for University 1.       Extensive… Read more →