Midlife and menopause

All change here – midlife and menopause!

  This is the most important post on my blog, to date, because it gives my reasons for starting this big adventure called ‘After the Playground’. On my wonderful journey as a parent I have reached the point where the conductor is about to call “All change here” and I didn’t see it coming. I was actually enjoying this journey… Read more →


A word (or two) on the #GE2017

I have avoided political discussion on my blog up until now, despite my blogging career coinciding with an extraordinary period for UK and worldwide politics. Since I started my blog in May 2016, we have seen the European referendum, the US Presidential elections, the Presidential elections in France and local elections here in Wales. However, I felt that the recent… Read more →

Guest post: What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m so delighted to have Karen Bleakley  guest posting for me this week. She has written the perfect post to share with your teens who are struggling to decide on a future career. Some teens have a clear idea of what they want to do whilst others struggle to find a direction. The wonderful message from Karen’s post is that you… Read more →


Is it time for you to have the #TeenTalk with your big kids? Find out in our #ad post!

The #TeenTalk was probably something that you chuckled about when your kids were small. You had this luxury because it was so far in the future and you had plenty of other things to worry about. However, before you know it, you have a pre-pubescent big kid living in your home. The #TeenTalk is no longer a random future concept.… Read more →

Tweens, Teens and Beyond Linky #10

Welcome to the 10th linky of Tweens, Teens and Beyond hosted by myself and my fellow Tween & Teen Bloggers, Nicky from Not Just the 3 of Us and Jo from Mother of Teenagers. I hope you have all had a good week. We are still plodding our way through the revision season with our middle daughter. Meanwhile, our eldest daughter is winding… Read more →