Midlife and menopause

All change here – midlife and menopause!

  This is the most important post on my blog, to date, because it gives my reasons for starting this big adventure called ‘After the Playground’. On my wonderful journey as a parent I have reached the point where the conductor is about to call “All change here” and I didn’t see it coming. I was actually enjoying this journey… Read more →

Home sickness in students

Home sickness in students – what parents can do to help

As the new university term is well underway and freshers are tentatively (or not so tentatively in some cases) acquainting themselves with life away from home, I have been lurking in the shadowy corners of a few social media groups observing how the Mums are feeling and reading quite a bit about home sickness in students. The picture is quite… Read more →

student accommodation

Complete guide to student accommodation in halls of residence

University students have a choice about where they live. The classic first year in university is spent in student accommodation called halls of residence. Others live in private sector houses and flats or live at home with their parents. I have written a comprehensive post for live at home students and their parents packed with information. I thought that moving… Read more →

Live at home student

Want to be a live at home student? This is what you need to know before you decide

Do you want to know  what it’s like to be a live at home student? Hopefully this post will help! Studying at university costs money. There is no getting away from that. Student expenditure on tuition fees, accommodation, study materials and food and drink can add up to several thousands of pounds each year and most young people leave university… Read more →

University essentials

University essentials – what every new student needs to know!

Amongst the emotional turmoil and excitement of your young adult preparing to leave for university, you will also be collecting a lot of ‘stuff’. In a spare room or corner of your house you will start to see a growing pile of bedding, kitchen supplies, lighting and electrical gadgets. In my experience, you will fall over and kick this several… Read more →

Tweens, Teens and Beyond Linky #18

Welcome to the 18th linky of Tweens, Teens and Beyond hosted by myself and my fellow Tween & Teen Bloggers, Nicky from Not Just the 3 of Us and Jo from Mother of Teenagers. I hope you all had an amazing summer and that you made some precious memories with your tweens and teens. Now the madness starts! Our kids are starting in… Read more →

Tweens, Teens & Beyond Summer Holiday Reads Linky

Welcome to the Summer Holiday Reads Linky which will be open from today (25 July) and stay open until midnight on 31 August. Please do link up as and when you wish but there is no pressure on commenting on any of the host posts.  We thought it would be nice to have an area for us to put our summer… Read more →